About us


How our Holdis came to be

Just like all the best things, it was pure chance that led to the creation of our wooden dildos and vibrators. It is said that where nature is aroused, you should give free rein to the urges it awakens within you... In our case this was initially the desire to get hands on – with wood.

The first time

Our Elmar – the creator of all Holdis – loved to put his deft hands to use, messing around in his workshop. And when his wife, Maria, gave him a woodworking lathe for Christmas one year, unexpected things happened... Initially he used the lathe to make everyday items such as bars for cots and decorative toadstools for the garden from the robust Odenwald spruce wood.

One day, one of those toadstools ended up a bit too long and its cap was a bit too narrow. “It looks like a penis!”, said his son, Daniel. Once it was spoken, the concept floated in the air as pervasive as the scent of fresh lilies. And so, the toadstool cap was shaped into an abstract glans and a shaft was created from the stem. Thus Goliath, the original Holdi, was born –

a satisfying paramour who is part of our range to this day.


All of us liked the idea of giving wood new life and allowing it to bring pleasure to the lives of others. And so Elmar began to experiment with various shapes. The Goliath evolved into the undulating Nimrod, while The Dryad with its gentle curves was literally dreamed up by daughter Jasmin. Finally, the time came to delight the world with our creations. That was back in 2006.

Our foreplay sale on Ebay was extremely satisfying. People liked it. A lot.

They wanted more! But we had to improve the coating. It had to be as natural as the wood itself, but also as smooth and slippery as glass. Together with a lacquer manufacturer, we spent six months perfecting a formula and a finishing technique. The result delighted both our senses and the German Technical Inspection Association.